Put Down the Eyeliner

For as long as I can remember I hated the way I looked. I hated my strong nose, my pale skin, and worst of all, my huge hair. What I hated even more was people telling me I needed to do things to take care of my appearance. I fought wearing makeup and using hair […]

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Some time ago, I was challenged with what I though was a simple question. ‘How do you define yourself?’ Easy, right? Wrong. Over the next week I struggled with finding the words to describe myself. I could think of a lot of attributes that fit me, but none of them seemed to capture who I […]

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The Glass Cage

My whole life I have lived in perfection. In the warm summer breeze and fall air. Every now and then I would catch a reflection, but I couldn’t tell from where.   Happy and ignorant was my whole life, until I stumbled upon a mirror. I saw all the cracks, and as much as I […]

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To Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen

This summer I had the privilege of being my sister’s maid of honor in her wedding. The wedding was beautiful, and I have very happy to say I have a brother! When she first asked me to be her maid of honor I was thrilled, but I was also concerned because that meant I needed […]

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I’m thankful.  I’m thankful for quiet morning when I am able to gather my thoughts before the day starts.  I’m thankful for the creativity and energy of children. They’re so quick to try things, learn, and have fun. They’re a fresh new start.  I’m thankful for friends that are always there for me. I’m thankful […]

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Year One

It’s been a full week since I left, and I still can’t put into words what this past year has been for me. There is no simple way to say it. I have grown so much this year. It’s true that one year of college can change you so much more than four years of […]

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I’ve fallen apart. Everything has fallen apart. I am failing in so many areas. I’ve made poor choices. I have so many things weighing on my mind. So many that I can’t sleep. I’m not hungry. I’m sick to my stomach with emotional, physical, and intellectual stress. I am inadequate to the task before me. […]

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Relentlessly Moving

Life is chaotic, and it won’t stop because we need a moment to breath or a second to think. Life keeps going, no matter what happens. In a sense, time is both a blessing and a curse. It keeps moving and distancing us from hard times, but it will still keep going even when we […]

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The Story of Shame

Shame is a strange thing. It brings up things we’ve done that we’d rather forget, and then makes us bury them deep inside of us. It cripples us from being able to be open and honest, and prevents us from telling others what God has done in our lives. You know what else? It is […]

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