I’ve fallen apart. Everything has fallen apart. I am failing in so many areas. I’ve made poor choices. I have so many things weighing on my mind. So many that I can’t sleep. I’m not hungry. I’m sick to my stomach with emotional, physical, and intellectual stress. I am inadequate to the task before me. […]

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Irreducible Complexity

Evolution by Natural Selection: a theory that states species evolve by small mutations that are an advantage to an organism. After enough mutations, a new species is created. For the mutation to be kept, it must be valuable to the species. If the mutation is not an advantage, it will be eliminated, so no extra […]

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Now is Not the Time

Just when you need to be on your toes, when you need to be your best, that’s when it hits. Something happens and you feel like you’ve been hit in the stomach by a brick. It encompasses your thoughts and distracts you from everything else. The life you’ve planned fails, and that forces you to […]

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