I’ve fallen apart. Everything has fallen apart. I am failing in so many areas. I’ve made poor choices. I have so many things weighing on my mind. So many that I can’t sleep. I’m not hungry. I’m sick to my stomach with emotional, physical, and intellectual stress. I am inadequate to the task before me. I am failing, but God is still faithful. Everything is falling apart from my perspective, but everything is falling into place from His. I am weak, but He is strong. His power is shown in my weakness. I am insufficient, but God is still faithful. I am weary, but God is loyal.

He is loyal in all His pursuits and promises. Every morning I wake up. I’ve woken up before my alarm multiple times this week. He runs the body clock, or circadian rhythm, that He created in me. Translation starts and stops and proteins are formed to signal to my brain that I need to sleep and wake up. It doesn’t stop. It is inside my body, but I can’t control it. God is faithful to sustain my body.

God is loyal to sustain the earth. No one knows what gravity is but here I am with my feet firmly on the ground anyway. Everything is still on the earth, the earth is still in orbit, and the Milky Way is still spinning. Furthermore, God sustains atoms. In the center of each atom is a collection of protons and neutrons. Neutrons have no electric charge, but protons have a positive charge. But wait, similar charges repel each other. So what holds them together? God is faithful to sustain His creation.

God is loyal to His children. No matter how many times we mess up, He won’t leave. His promises won’t change. His love is loyal. He is loyal to His plan. From before I was born He had a plan for my life. A unique thread to be sown into all of time and creation. He has a plan that I could not change no matter what I do. I could never mess up so badly as to surprise Him and throw off His plans. Furthermore, His plan is better than anything I could have ever imagined. So although it looks like everything is falling apart right now, everything is actually falling into place. Sometimes thorns need to be pruned to nurture a rose. I am faulty and sinful, but He is a caring gardener and shepherd. I am weak, but His power is shown in my weakness. I am inadequate, but He is loyal.


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