Relentlessly Moving

Life is chaotic, and it won’t stop because we need a moment to breath or a second to think. Life keeps going, no matter what happens. In a sense, time is both a blessing and a curse. It keeps moving and distancing us from hard times, but it will still keep going even when we wish we could stay in one moment forever. Life never stops to let us think, and it can make us feel completely out of control. We can’t hold onto one thing for a long time, things change for better or worse and time keeps relentlessly moving.

I’ve never liked feeling out of control. Every bit on me wants plan and wants to be in control of that plan. What I’ve realized though, is that I am not in control and I don’t have to be the one with the plan. I didn’t want to graduate high school, because I didn’t want to step out into this huge unknown world of college. I was scared, but time kept moving. Here I am in college, I still don’t quite know what I’m doing, but this past year has brought so many friends and experiences that I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Even as I am just starting college I already don’t want it to end. I have one semester down and have some time until I graduate, but time hasn’t, and won’t slow down. Time seems to be taking things from me that I am not ready to let go of. On the other hand, time heals thing that can only be healed by distance. Family members that I have lost, hard times, and sickness are all behind me. The pain from those times was so great but life went on. Life keeps going on.

So how do we reconcile the blessing and curse of time? It seems like time could be a good thing, but it also hurts so much sometimes. I see it this way, time can be a hard thing to understand, but it shows us God’s relentless faithfulness. Every time I had to let go of something I loved, God was teaching me to rely on Him and His plan. What His plan brought was always better than anything I could ever have imagined. He never left me when I left something behind. He led me to what He had for me, and even if it hurt, it was always beautiful. Time also shows His faithfulness to heal. God brings us through trials. The pain they cause is immense, but by His grace life keeps going and we find healing with time.

Life is chaotic, but God is in control. Every breath we take is in God’s plan. There is nothing that surprises Him. Life keeps moving, but so does God. He leads us in His plan for us and heals us from trials that shape us. So let time keep relentlessly moving forward, it will only show us God’s relentless faithfulness.


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